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Micronesia is made up of a group of scattered islands. Some of these islands are covered with primeval, lush forests, rainforests, true mountain scenery and have several exotic volcanoes. With interesting natural scenery, the country with its paradise like islands has an amazing range of archeological monuments. The ecosystem in the country has no analogue. Jellyfish Lake contains 31 million of jellyfish and the world’s largest molluscs.  

Wiya Bird Cave

wiya bird cave-micronesia

This is a natural bird cave where the swiftlet birds reside. This is the only place where the swiftlet bird can reside in its hundreds. There is a pool at the base of the cave which has filled for many decades and is frequently used by the locals as it contains high nutrient addictive. As the story goes, the cave played home to a pack of giants in ancient times and the tunnel which runs through the cave appears on the other side of the island. It is a stunning and rare sight to behold by visitors looking to enjoy nature and its natural habitat.





Pohnpei Kepirohi Waterfall


This is Pohnpei’s most popular waterfall. There is an open lake of considerable size at the base which is ideal for swimming and is frequented by locals and visitors alike. It is a breathtaking site and one that should be given priority to when planning a trip to Micronesia. The waterfall is 20 meters tall and 30 meters wide. It is situated close to the main road which has a stone path filled with tropical flowers of natural beauty.




Mt. Oma Hiking Trail


Mt. Oma located in Kosrae is a beautiful natural and cultural site on the island covered with tropical flora, fauna and cascading waterfalls. Additionally, visitors can experience WWII caves along the hiking trail. There are short hikes lasting up to 40 minutes whilst the longer hikes may take up to 7 hours.





Yela Ka Forest  

The best natural site on Kosrae is Yela Ka Forest. It is an ecosystem of tropical islands in natural tact from the beginning of time. This forest remains roadless and one of the only roadless areas on the Pacific which is not open to the public. The fames Yela Ka Forest is a unique freshwater swamp dominated by Ka trees. These trees are commonly referred to as Redwoods of Micronesia. A once in a lifetime experience, this stunning natural beauty should not be missed.  

Pahn Takai Falls and Cave

Pohnpei’s Pahn Takai Cave and Fall is a massive waterfall and overhanging cave. The cave is 90 feet across whilst the waterfall reaches 160 feet high. The cave is occupied by a colony of bats which can be accessed from one end of the waterfall, leading to an area where sunken war relics lie. Pahn Taki also means underneath the rocks as homage to the sunken war relics.   

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