National Weather Service monitors circulation near Koror and another disturbance south of Kosrae

(NWS) — The National Weather Service-Guam Weather Forecast Office continues to monitor two different circulations in the area.

The first tropical disturbance (98C) is passing westward by Koror. It is currently causing numerous heavy showers and thunderstorms over Palau. 98C will move slowly west-southwest over the Republic of Palau and does not pose a direct threat to the Mariana Islands at this time.

A second tropical disturbance (92W) is south of Kosrae. It is currently causing heavy showers over southern Pohnpei and Kosrae States and is expected to eventually move west-northwest or northwest and could pass between Yap and Guam Thursday or Friday. This could change in the coming days.

It is uncertain what impact, if any, the developing system (92W) will have on the Marianas. More information will be provided through the coming week. While there is no immediate threat to Guam or the Marianas at this time, it is important to monitor latest advisories from NWS as it gets closer to the area later this week.

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