‘Nastiest election so far’

GOVERNOR Ralph D.L.G. Torres said this year’s elections were the most challenging because of the false accusations hurled against him and his family.

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U.S. Congressman Gregorio Kilili Camacho Sablan, a former election commission official, said “this is the nastiest election so far.” But he is also hoping that afterward, “everything will be back to normal and everyone will move on and work for the benefit of the people.”

The Republican governor’s independent opponent, former Gov. Juan N. Babauta, said he feels “that people still want to see change and I hope to see some change too — I hope there will be change. This election really boils down to trusting the government and transparency, and corruption in the government. That seems to be the issue that is in the minds of the people. They just want the government back to the people.”

In an interview, Governor Torres said he was happy to see that “people really took time to vote so I want to thank them for exercising their right to vote. Our recovery will continue whatever challenges that we have and will face.”

He said it was unfortunate that in this election year, his family was not spared by some of his political opponents.

 “In the previous election, we ran a clean campaign, but in this election there have been so many false accusations and misinformation disseminated all over social media, so many rumors and false accusations directed against me and my family, but we will continue to work hard for this progress regardless of what names I’m being called. We know what we’ve done for the people and the community so I am positive and hopeful. I cannot ask for a better slate of Republican candidates and support system that I have right now. Ever since I started running for office, I always had the best support system and party, and that includes running with the late Governor Inos. I have been very blessed. We and the other GOP candidates may have had differences, but this just made us stronger because we are able to sit down and create a stronger  party by sticking together so we can continue to protect our retirees, our economy and our community’s needs.”

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