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Myths and Legends around Micronesia

It is said that on the island of Nomwin, there was a female ghost who had a hand in creating the island as it is now. It is believed that she is the reason behind crops and groundwater that can be obtained by digging wells.

Auriaria a red skinned giant who fell in love with pretty red skinned woman, Nei Tituaabin. Though they were a couple, they couldn’t have children. After Nei Tituaabin died from her grave grew three trees- coconut from head. Pandanus from her heels and almond from her navel. It is believed that she became a tree goddess.

A sacred tree in samosa named, Kai-n-Tiku-Aba- meaning tree of many branches, which grew on the back of a man named Na Abitu. Koura-Abi, a destructive man, broke it. Sorrowful, the people of Samoa scattered across the world.

A tree known as Uekera, the tree of knowledge that reaches to the heaven in Kiribathi legend. It is said that this was planted by Nei Tekanuea.

Another legend goes like this; before lands and people, there were only gods and the sea. One day the supreme god wanted to give life to lands. A volcanic rock then rose from the sea and upon this barren land sat a giant clam. Soon its belly began to swell and tremble, and it grew larger and larger, as if ready to give birth.Uchelianged saw this and said, “Let there be a strong running sea.” So the wind began to blow and waves crashed around the clam, causing it to burst open.

From it poured swarms of the first sea creatures to swim in Palau. They in turn gave birth and the once empty seas were soon rich with life, from the smallest sea worms to human forms. And with this one dramatic and spectacular beginning, Palau was born.

Moreover there is another legend like this;

Long ago, there was a man who was very angry with his wife. He was so angry that he sent her into the ocean on a raft. However, the gods had warned the woman about her husband’s plan, and because of this she was prepared with supplies the gods told her she would need.

Days later, when the woman had drifted far outside the reef, she scattered the ashes over the ocean as the gods had instructed. She then stuck a hibiscus branch into the bottom of the sea and covered it with the coconut shell. This created an island and the woman was saved. The island is now known as Kayangel where the sacred hibiscus tree still grows.

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  • nanik June 30, 2016 at 6:08 pm

    i love this story.i wish somebody or who ever post stories about our island keep posting it.this is really interesting..


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