MVA: NMI a popular tropical destination

THROUGH the Marianas Visitors Authority’s  promotion and marketing programs, the CNMI remains a popular tropical destination, MVA Board Chairwoman Marian Aldan-Pierce said during MVA’s general membership meeting at Fiesta Resort on Friday.

She noted that MVA’s tour guide certification program won the 2018 Pacific-Asia Travel Association gold award in Langkawi, Malaysia.

She thanked CNMI lawmakers for working with MVA on an education program for tourism industry.

“Our next step is securing the partnership of enforcement agencies to ensure tour guides operating out there are indeed licensed,” Aldan-Pierce said.

She also reported that Teteto Beach in Rota has been voted the Reader’s Choice Best Beach by Dive and Travel during the annual Marine Diving Fair in Japan in April.

The Marianas was likewise named among the top 10 semi-guided destinations by Tuniu, one of the top online travel agencies in China, Aldan-Pierce said.

At the 2018 China International Tourism Expo Guangdong, she said, the Marianas was identified as the Cantonese’ favorite destination based on Southern Metropolis Daily’s reader survey. The Southern Metropolis Daily is  an influential newspaper in southern China.

Aldan-Pierce said the Marianas is now the number one Pacific Island destination among Chinese tourists, according to Mafengwo, one of China’s largest online websites that enable users to share their travel experiences.

“Congratulations to you, the industry, and to the management and staff of  MVA,” Aldan-Pierce said.

She also updated tourism stakeholders about the various destination enhancement projects in the CNMI.

These include the railing repairs and bench construction at I Chen’chon Bird Sanctuary on Rota; Tinian and Rota signs; and the request for proposals for improvements at Paseo de Marianas. Aldan-Pierce said MVA will continue accepting proposals through January next year.

As for the Flower Island Project, she said it is moving forward while the latte stone-shaped flower sculpture at the airport has been completed.

They will also help the Saipan mayor’s office implement the flower-basket project along Beach Road and start a beautification project at Banzai Cliff.

In addition, Aldan-Pierce said MVA has “targeted the development of a new global branding and marketing strategy to keep pace with competing Asia-Pacific resort destinations and to reboot our destination.”

In November, she said they issued a request for proposals for global branding and marketing strategy, and have already received 100 inquiries from around the world. The deadline for submitting proposals is Feb. 19, 2019.

Aldan-Pierce said the goal is to “forge a new strategy that will launch a new era of tourism for the Marianas.”

Source: Marianas Variety :

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