MVA cleans Last Command Post, other sites

(MVA) — As recovery needs continue to be addressed following Super Typhoon Yutu, scenic and recreational sites in the Marianas are also being restored to normalcy by the Marianas Visitors Authority and its tourism partners.

Volunteers from tour operator Saipan Adventure took the lead beginning Oct. 30, just five days after the storm, restoring access to and cleaning popular dive site Grotto, clearing trees to open the main roadway in Marpi, and clearing the access road and hiking trail to Forbidden Island.

On Nov. 6, MVA wrapped up several days of work clearing debris and trees at Last Command Post in Marpi, as well as the adjacent Korean Peace Memorial, Japanese Peace Memorial, and Okinawan Peace Memorial.

 “Although in general northern Saipan fared better than southern Saipan in the storm, many large trees in Marpi were heavily damaged, and there were many trees and branches strewn across historic and iconic sites,” said MVA Managing Director Christopher A. Concepcion.  “As we resume tourism, we’re pleased to say that, thanks to the efforts of many government agencies, our staff, and good fortune, Marpi is still accessible.  We would especially like to thank our private sector partners who have assisted with the restoration of these and other sites, including Saipan Adventure, Northern Marianas Dive Operators Association, Japan Saipan Travel Association, and Kinpachi Restaurant.  Their contribution of manpower and resources has been a tremendous help, and we know there are many others helping across The Marianas.  Definitely, we are stronger together.”

 Over the next few days, MVA will join other tourism representatives in cleaning at the Francisco C. Ada/Saipan International Airport and other important sites around Saipan.  On Rota, the least impacted by the storm, all sites have remained open while MVA conducts cleanup.  On Tinian, the most impacted by the storm, site restoration will be prioritized after the more immediate needs of the community are met.

 For more information or to volunteer, contact MVA at 664-3200 or [email protected].

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