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COMMONWEALTH Utilities Corp. Executive Director Gary Camacho said Kosrae, Pohnpei and Chuuk utilities have offered to assist in restoring power and water on Saipan.

CUC is also in coordination with Palau for additional assistance, Camacho said.

Crews from Rota and Guam Power Authority are currently on Saipan assisting with the restoration effort, he added.

As of Sunday, Nov. 4, Camacho said, there were 913 downed and damaged poles and 510 damaged transformers.

For the water operation, he said tank service areas are operating on a limited capacity based on tank levels as CUC continues to assess the damaged tank level gauges and pipe damage.

He said Puerto Rico tank has been releasing water to Lower Base, and southern Garapan on Kopa Di Oru Street near Kristo Rai, but the water distribution is determined by the tank levels.

The water was online in all of China Town areas, including Isla Drive between Gurupu Drive to Puerto Rico Drive and Chalan Galaid. Water service was shut off in Matsue Street due to leak and pending repair, Camacho said.

In Rapagao, water wells SQ4, 148, 149 were back on island power grid while SQ 150 is on Federal Emergency Management Agency generator.

The wells that supply water to Puerto Rico tank need to be repaired, Camacho said.

A FEMA generator continues to feed the Agag Tank from waterline distribution on Papago Drive, and customers in As Teo should be receiving water based on tank levels.

On Capital Hill, Camacho said the water filling station has reopened as the tank levels slowly increase.

The upper As Matuis is now receiving water and CUC is preparing to serve water at As Matuis homestead, San Roque and Tanapag areas based on tank levels.

In Gualo Rai, a FEMA generator has been installed while water testing is ongoing, Camacho said, adding that they will be repairing water leaks in the area.

He said the amount of water released to customers in Chalan Kanoa, Susupe, Koblerville homestead and Afetnas was based on tank levels.

Water remains offline in Koblerville, San Antonio, Chalan Piao and As Gonno.

Camacho said a FEMA generator powers up the Dandan tank, and water hours are determined based on tank levels.

On Saturday, he said Kagman 3 received water including the Kagman Community Center shelter.

However, he added, CUC engineers are still testing K1, K2, and K4 areas for leaks.

There’s major leak reported in the Papago area and engineers are now working to repair it, Camacho said.

The water released from San Vicente area to Dandan Road up to Dandan Bakery is still based on tank levels.

The water in As Terlaje area is expected to be released today, Monday, and water hours will be determined based on tank levels.

In Kannat Tabla, water is also anticipated to be released today, Monday, while chlorination is being conducted. Engineering and operations are assessing the water.

In Gualo Rai, the chlorination and bacteria results are still pending as CUC engineering and operations are still assessing them.

The power division, for its part, is now fixing power poles toward the Capital Hill area.

Regarding power transmission and distribution, Camacho said of the nine feeders on Saipan, Feeders 1, 4 and 7 are partially online.

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