More FEMA personnel arriving

GOVERNOR Ralph Torres said more Federal Emergency Management Agency personnel are arriving on island in a couple of weeks to assist residents affected by Typhoon Yutu.

In an interview on Thursday, Torres said 900 military personnel are also currently in the CNMI to assist Saipan and Tinian in their recovery efforts.

The arriving FEMA personnel will assess applications for individual assistance and public assistance, he added.

“Right now, we have the military and local folks putting up tents for our affected residents, and we will continue to see more tents in the coming days. We’ve also seen the restoration of water services across the island, and some areas now have 24-hour water.”

Torres said his administration and other Republican officials “are not afraid to make hard decisions so  we can see progress. There is no way we can expect progress overnight — it takes a lot of hard work but I am hopeful that the community will see that there is progress and we are working hard to ensure that it continues.”

Source: Marianas Variety :

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