Mobil assures sufficient supply of fuel

MOBIL Oil Mariana Islands Inc. said there is no need to hoard fuel as there is sufficient stock on Saipan.

“We have adequate fuel supplies currently and our next tanker is due to arrive on Nov. 4,” Charles Ewart, president of Mobil Oil Mariana Islands Inc., said.

He added that Mobil is monitoring demand and will make some adjustment as necessary. 

“People should only buy what they need as there is no need to store fuel,” he said.

Mobil will bring in more fuel earlier if necessary, he added.

“Our main focus at this time is the safety of our people and the community in Saipan following Typhoon Yutu,” he told Variety in an email interview.

“We are currently assessing our assets and accounting for staff.  We remain committed to ensuring that we have both our people and assets ready to support the community as soon as it is safe to do so,” Ewart added.

 “As there is no supply concern at this time there is no need to ration fuel.  As long as customers have approved fuel containers we will be able to serve them,” he said.  

“Some sites may not have enough fuel, but this is because the roads are difficult to navigate and delivery of fuel will be slower,” he added.

Ewart said they also have enough fuel for the Commonwealth Utilities Corporation.

“There is no issue with the supply of diesel at this time,” he added.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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