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SITAI Terry, a native of Chuuk, has lived on Saipan for many years. She appreciates the island tradition of helping each other, especially those in need of food. Each year on Thanksgiving, she, her neighbors and friends eat and spend time together.

In the Pacific islands, there is a sense of togetherness among the people who usually act together as a group.

A local resident said everyone on island was affected by Typhoon Yutu, but helping each other will expedite the recovery efforts.

Island culture is based on valuing the needs of a group or a community over the individual. Helping one another strengthens the islanders as a whole.

On many Micronesian islands, kinship, family and community remain extremely important. People work together to maintain harmony and group cohesion for the betterment of the whole community.

Today, there are a variety of ethnic groups on island. But they are interdependent and part of a larger community. Islanders interviewed by this writer believe that all different cultures must continue to support each other to build an even stronger community.

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