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IN Micronesia, islanders celebrate their cultural independence through the performing arts vocals, instrumental music and dance.

These include numerous cultural expressions that reflect human creativity and are also found, to some extent, in many other intangible cultural heritage domains including rituals, festive events or oral traditions.

The following individuals help promote the importance of Micronesia’s balanced environmental culture and traditional lifestyle:

Best Culture Icons — Ongerung Kambes Kesolei, Peggy Hanser, Harlan Derbai, Anita Hofschneider, Gov. Ralph Torres, Diego Benavente, Tanya Salas of Saipan and

Best cultural photos — Vicente “Ben” Salas II, Josy Termeteet, Neliza Chris, & Ongerung Kambes Kesolei, & Gordon Marciano

Best cultural lifestyle photos — Adora Glanson, Merv Melatk, Hulda Blesam, Alan Seid, Priscilla Pitman, Hirotsugu Nakano, Gordon Marciano, Sonia Siliang, & Kannie Matsutaro,

Best Environmental Icon — Erin Derrington of Saipan & Keobel Sakura of Palau

Best Environmental Photos — Ongerung Kambes Kesolei & Bryan Manabat

Best environment and lifestyle photos — Harlan Derbai, Twilla Ysaol, Joany Kesolei, Rdiall Akira

Best Underwater Photos — Richard Brooks

Best Marine Lifestyle — Richard Brooks, Kanou Minami & JapanPalau Group 2014

Best environmental marine photos/film — Richard Brooks

Best environmental landscape photos —  Dodge Roxas & Gordon Glasby

Best Environmental Beauty Documentary — Kambes Kesolei

Best Book/Author — “Under the Sun” by Justin Kerr

Best sports and lifestyle photos — by Bryan Manabat

Best sports photos — James Sablan & Bryan Manabat of Saipan


Best Art/Design Icon — Sam Adelbai, Ungiang Tulop, Sylvia Kloulubak & Dan Suda

Fashion Design — Michael Pablo, Mary Camacho, Scott Weers, Tribe Marianas, and Jesse Meno

Artwork — Scott Weers & John Price

Tattoo Artwork — Micronesia Tribal Tattoo

Advocates/Icons — Current CNMI,, 670 Rock Steady Shop, Born N Raised Clothing, Tattoo Art & Design Mega Vision by Dragon Edong,

Culture, tradition and lifestyle

Cultural Beauty Icon — CNMI first lady Diann Torres, Gov. Ralph Torres, & Chrilyn Kikue Aurelio

Traditional Beauty Icons — Nany Misech, Enn Graham Walter, DeluutTarkong, & Ojay Kossiil

Traditional Beauty Advocate — Jelsy Basilius & MerengSakuma

Cultural Beauty Advocates — Hirotsugu Nakano, Sing Miyozawa, Sonia Siliang, & Uduch Sengebau Senior, Ush Luii, Emeraech Baules, Maryann Arriola, Veisinia Peteru, Shela Babauta, & Gloria Hunter

Culture Film — Yap Day 2018 Extension by Island Beat

Culture Print Documentary — Honolulu Civil Beat

Culture Icons — Ralph Torres, Santy Asanuma, Alan Seid, Tommy Remengesau Jr., Uduch Sengebau Senior, Queen Bilung Gloria Gibbons, & Joanny Kesolei

Cultural Advocacy and Preservation — Elizabeth Roselle “Reality Capture and VR Aid a Micronesian Island’s Cultural Preservation Efforts”

Culture Lifestyle Film — “Trailer for Pacific Islander Communications” by S. Thompson

Environment, health and nutrition

Best Environmental Film/Documentary — FSM Kosrae Recycling Instruction by Tropical Sailing Life

Environmental Beauty Advocates — Kosh Frank,Perkins Pedro, Carmen Johanes,Rkolm Maidesil, Imengel Mai, Omchung Emesiochel, Soak elBung, Pillar Ngiraswei, Keedon Kintol, Kathy Tellei, Palauan Pride, Lily Kerradel, Floria Kambalang,

Environment & health beauty

Health Advocate of the Month — Frank Camacho. Nora Glasby,  Sing Miyozawa

Chef of the Month — Kathy Tellei, Harlan Derbai, Peggy Hanser & Sing Miyozawa

Nutrition Icons — Peggy Hanser, Ivan Blanco, Harlan Derbai.

Advocates — Maryann Calvo, Otimo Bells, Andy Howell, Martina Cruz, Joyce Kloulechad, Katrina Mad, Cassie Nakamura, Kannie Matsutaro, Lena Glendening, Ned Pablo,  & Gayleen Sakuma

Local Diet Advocates — John Connell “Food Security in the Island Pacific”

Environmental Advocacy and Preservation Icons — Patterson Shed & Eugene Joseph of Pohnpei


Athletes of the Month — Jersh Angeles, Cuki Alvarez, & Frank “The Crank” Camacho of Saipan

Advocates — Cuki Alvarez & Trench Tech

Sports Documentary — with a Best Fighter/Athlete Frank “The Crank” Camacho


Music Artist Icon — Kelau Remeliik, Five, Massilyn & Albino, Gloria Ngirasiau, Kendall Titiml, Lulch & Taka Emesiochel

Best Entertainer — Ongedechuul Women & Men Traiditonal  Dancers

Best Performers —  Silver Takada, Lisa Glover, Milla Obeketang, Sherry Nakamura, Edangel ft Esther & Pua, Pisa Ngiramengior,  Mers Tarkong, Kiblas Soaladaob, Kirby Sikyang

Music Artists of the Month —Taka Emesiochel with Best Music Video of the month

Cross-Cultural Music Artist — Jim Geselbracht

Best Culture Film — “Race Against Time in Southern Pacific” by Grit Hofmann & Carmen Meyer

Film Actress — AJ Pelkey

Filmmaker — Ongerung Kambes Kesolei a.k.a. OKK & Ongerung Talk Show

Entertainment Beauty of the Month — Ongedechuul Dancers

Performers — Japanese Hip Hop Dancers at Ngerulmud film by Ongrung Kambes Kesolei

Best Entertaining Film — Kambes Kesolei “Bealau Night Market” performers

Best Comedy Film — “Sel Mark el Tuu” by Meellad

Best Comedy Icon — Merv Melatk

Comedians of the Month — “How to Fix Bettlenut” by Wizzy Trukine

Comedy Advocates — Glenn Tellames, Kristy Gibson, Lee Kai, Rut Thomas, Kingston Ace, Marino Kintaro, Min Kyo, Carmen Selepeo, & Annabelle Andres

Youth and community

Youth & Entertainment — Saipan Evangelical Church by Medina Cabrera

Youth Best Photo — Palau PEC Youth by Bradley Kumangai

Youth Best Film Work — by  Bradley Kumangai


Santy Asanuma, Dr. Takuya Nagaoka,  Dr. Vid Raatior, Dr. Takuya Nagaoka, Bill Jaynes, Ned Pablo & Sophia Perez

Journalists, Bernadette Carreon 680 Belau Recipe, 680 Omengat, Pasifika Renaissance and Dr. Takuya Nagaoka, Honolulu Civil Beat, Belau Photo 101 with Kambes Kesolei and Harry R. Fritz, Tia Belau Kambes Kesolei, Kaselehlie Press Pohnpei with Bill Jaynes, MV editor Zaldy Dandan, MV sports reporters James Sablan and Emmanuel T. Erediano, Palau 2013, Belau Useful Information with Merv Melatk, Olilai Ikesiil, Palau Fitness Group with Nora Glasby, Saipan Tribune, Chamorro People on Facebook David Atalig, ChuukYouth, PEC Youth Bradley Kumangai, MV reporters Bryan Manabat and Junhan Todino, Island Times’ Phillip and Leilani Reklai, Merirei Media LLC, Sha Merirei, Palau Town Hall News Work with Marilyn Rideb, Pacific Daily News, and Chamorro Mingles

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