Mayor helps spread Christmas cheer on Rota

ROTA Mayor Efraim M. Atalig on Tuesday led municipal officials in spreading Christmas cheer on island.

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Ivan Mereb, the Rota mayor’s office public relation officer, said resident department heads joined the mayor during a visit to homebound clients of the manamko’ center.

Mereb said the mayor’s group sang Christmas carols in Chamorro and English to highlight “the season of joy, peace and goodwill.”

Mayor Atalig said he is thankful to the other participants which included  members of the Ineton Idat Luta Association, the Rota Department of Community and Cultural Affairs, the Rota Department of Commerce, the Rota Department of Lands and Natural Resources, the Rota Department of Public Works, the Rota Department of Labor, the Rota Department of Finance, the Rota Department of Fire and Emergency Medical Services, and the Rota Department of Public Safety.

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