Mayor Apatang urges cooperation in debris-removal operation

SAIPAN Mayor David M. Apatang urged village residents to sort out their trash in order to make it easier for the cleanup teams to clear the typhoon debris.

“We’re not allowed to pick up the trash unless it is segregated,” Apatang said.

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In 2015, most of the debris left by Typhoon Soudelor were green waste. In contrast, Typhoon Yutu damaged a lot of tin roofing, household belongings and other items.

“We need the cooperation of the people,” the mayor said, as he urged community members to start segregating their trash which should also be placed on the road right-of-way.

The mayor’s field operation director, Joann Aquino, said the debris removal operation has 14 teams.

Participating in the operation, which started on Oct. 28, are 129 members of the National Guard from Guam, 50 U.S. Army Reservists, and Department of Lands and Natural Resources-Division of Parks and Recreation personnel.

Teams have been deployed to San Antonio, Hopwood Middle School, Koblerville Elementary School, Beach Road, Dandan, Northern Marianas College, San Jose, the airport and Coral Ocean Golf Resort areas.

DLNR field personnel were assigned to San Antonio and Laly 4 while the National Guard focused on Chalan Kanoa and Susupe.

Aquino said personnel from CNMI Museum also assisted the mayor’s office in the cleanup operation at Sugar King Park.

As of Nov. 10. Aquino said they had collected 16,067 cubic yards of debris.

Mayor Apatang said they have maximized the use of their equipment, including those they have rented, in the cleanup operation.

He said he has also submitted a plan to fast-track the debris removal to the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

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