Mayor Apatang grateful to people for believing in him

SAIPAN Mayor David M. Apatang said he was re-elected because the people believe in him and his hard work for the community.

 “People are not blind — they know that we do our job. We are working for them. Myself and my people [the mayor’s office personnel] work hard for our people here on Saipan,”  Apatang said in an interview after the Commonwealth Election Commission announced the unofficial partial results on Wednesday morning at the Multi-Purpose Center in Susupe.

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Apatang, who was seeking a second term, coasted to an easy victory against his independent opponent, Ramon B. Camacho. A Republican, Apatang garnered over 75 percent of the votes.

He said his party helped him secure victory as he congratulated Gov. Ralph D.L.G. Torres and running-mate Senate President Arnold I. Palacios for their landslide victory. The Republican tandem won in all election precincts on all three major islands, securing over 60 percent of the votes cast.

 “This election is a different kind of animal, you know. We didn’t know what’s going to happen after we finished voting,” he added, referring to the unprecedented delay in the tabulation of votes.

Apatang said he is “very happy” that he, the governor and other Republicans will continue to push their agenda for progress.

“We will work together,” he added.

He thanked his staff members for their support and steadfast loyalty, and the people of Saipan.

 “You know we work hard and it paid off in the end. This is the result of our work and we are looking forward to another four years of working hard for the people.”

Now that the elections are over, the mayor said, “we are all family again, and we can all work together again.”

In a separate interview, his independent opponent Ramon B. Camacho said he respects the voters’ decision.

He said he went from house to house and heard residents shared their frustrations with him.

 “So I can’t figure it out what really happened because we tried our very best in every precinct.”

Nevertheless, Camacho said he is thankful to the people who voted for him, as well as those who did not. “I respect their choice.”

Camacho also congratulated Apatang, saying “the people chose him for the mayor’s job.”

In the 2014 elections, Camacho finished second to Apatang in a four-way mayoral race.

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