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Micronesia commonly referred to as ‘small islands’ is sprawled across the Western Pacific. While the islands maybe small, the opportunities to scuba dive and snorkel are unparalleled in the world. From wrecks to reefs, there’s a little something for every diver that visits this stunning country on this planet.  The undersea adventure which is world class can be truly experienced on Yap, Palau, Guam and Chuuk.     

Palau offers cavers, stunning shallow reefs, tunnels, walls, major drop offs, sunken wrecks combined with marine life of a limitless variety. Visitors can also experience mandarin fish, pristine coral kingdoms and sharks.  

On Chuuk there is an enormous lagoon, which is 50 by 30 miles and is considered the largest in the world. It is a strategically attractive location where the main naval base of the Japanese Empire was based during World War II. Chuuk is visited daily by divers as it offers several land based dive operations. Many of these operations provide occasional trips to explore shark dives and outer reefs. On Chuuk, the famed Truk lagoon showcases the WWII fighting machines in all its glory and splendor. The entire fleet is underwater dripping with drama and colour.

For some divers it is their diving pilgrimage to Micronesia and will stop at Guam, which is the largest island in terms of population and size. The leading tourism infrastructure exists in Guam with divers being provided this facility along with hotels, nightlife and plenty of dining options. On Guam, the wrecks from WWI and WWII can be actually visited in one dive. It is a diver’s dream and a unique dive experience in warm and clear waters where divers get to have an incredible interaction with the best marine life on the planet.

Some great dives to experience in Micronesia include the following;

Yap Caverns

yap caverns-micronesia



The Yap caverns are made up of swim through and tunnels which are shallow and provide the ideal site for reef sharks to nap. The caverns are generally inhabited by grey reef sharks. Additionally, lionfish and parrotfish lumber outside the caverns.



Guam Blue Hole




This is a vertical hole for descending divers to look straight up from 100 feet with an entrance at 60 feet and an archway at 125 feet. The wall outside the hole can be explored at length by divers and will make a stunning photo op.




Palau Blue Corner




Blue Corner is a top dive discovery on this island. A coral peninsula it floats akin to a kite flying in the wind. Divers will be surrounded by sharks, union fish and schools of jack which is considered a thrilling and adventurous experience.



Palau Chandelier Cave




This is an air filled cavern where divers have to swim trough the entrance to make it to the three chambers. There are massive air pockets which allow divers to pop up every so often and have a chat with their diving partner or instructor. The light from outside, illuminates the inside of the cavern.   

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