Marianas wins Study Abroad Destination Award

(MVA) — On Dec. 14, 2018, the Marianas was awarded as one of the Top Ten Study Abroad Destinations at the 2018 Education Industry Summit in Beijing, China.

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The Top Ten Study Abroad Destinations Awards list included the Marianas, Flanders in Belgium, Great Britain, Holland, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand and the United States mainland, in no particular order.

“Educational tourism is a lucrative branch of the industry and has great potential for the Marianas, as evidenced by this month’s award,” said Marianas Visitors Authority Managing Director Christopher A. Concepcion.  “We are very pleased to be counted along with very large countries as one of the best destinations offering educational tourism, and we welcome the opportunity to partner with our Marianas education institutions to further grow this industry.”

The 2018 Education Industry Summit Meeting of “New Change New Power” gathered experts of politics and business fields for in-depth discussions on new policies, new technologies and new models that have emerged in the past year.  Participants also discussed how education industry will develop in the future under the influence of new changes and new power.

The  summit  was  organized  by  leading  education  industrial  portal  and Chinese search engine Baidu.

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