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It was 45 minutes into dinner in early November when Jermaine Alerta realized he’d left his bag and laptop at a prior engagement. One month later, a good Samaritan has stepped up, reinforcing Alerta’s belief that good people are still out there.

Days before the 2018 general election, former senatorial candidate Alerta posted on Facebook that he was shooting a campaign video near the Guam Museum. With dinner at a nearby restaurant to catch, Alerta left the area and mistakenly, his bag and laptop. Less than an hour later, it dawned on him.

After checking the area where his items were last seen, scanning nearby surveillance footage, scouring the island’s capital with a friend and visiting the museum’s security personnel and the Hagåtña Police Precinct down the street – Alerta accepted defeat.

“I had given up hope and basically accepted that it was for real lost forever. I had already gone back to using my old, slow laptop,” Alerta shared with friends on Facebook.

As weeks passed without any sign of hope, Alerta, a staff member under Sen. Telena Nelson, was at his work desk at the Guam Congress Building when a ringing phone perked his ears.

On the other end of the line, an unknown woman with few words made Alerta’s day “surreal,” he described. 

“The funny thing is that she didn’t even mention what the item was. Her words were, ‘I have something that I think belongs to you. Can I come over to give it to you?’” Alerta said.

“After I got off the phone, I turned to my co-worker and told her that I think someone found my laptop. Both she and I were in disbelief.”

Paying it forward

The woman and her cousin walked to Alerta’s workplace, where they chatted for a while. Alerta described his good Samaritan as a “very pleasant woman” from the Federated States of Micronesia.

The woman, a complete stranger, told Alerta that a homeless man she knew approached her about purchasing the laptop. She opened the computer to find Alerta’s name and recognized him, later looking him up on social media to return the laptop.

“I really don’t know many people who would have done what she did. It was a very amazing gesture, and I am still in a sort of shock,” Alerta said.

For the goodwill gesture, Alerta said he gave the woman some money and dropped her and her cousin back to where they had walked from.

“It should be made clear that the bag, which contained my laptop, wasn’t stolen, per se. I had left my bag in a public park and someone picked it up. It was carelessness on my end,” Alerta explained.

Despite the list of questions and scenarios still lingering in his mind, his memory of being taught to “be good always” plays loudest.

“This situation reinforced to me the golden rule about ‘treating others the way you would want to be treated,’” Alerta said.

“Acts of kindness truly are rare. But when they do happen, one has to be appreciative and find ways to pay that type of goodness forward.”

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