Local architect recommends solar-powered concrete houses for all NMI residents

LOCAL architect Herman Cabrera said all residents of the Commonwealth should live in solar-powered concrete homes that can withstand typhoons.

Cabrera, principal of Herman B. Cabrera & Associates, said such type of homes costs between $40,000 to $50,000.

“This proposal is to just help the community,” he told Variety. “I am the only local architect in the CNMI. I want to help the community by recommending the construction of stronger and more permanent dwelling structures.” Herman Cabrera

Based on his design, the 576 square feet house will have a concrete flat roof that can provide space for a 420-watt photocell panel with a voltage controller and a deep cell battery to light up the outside patio, kitchen and living room.

Cabrera said sunlight will provide free power to the house which will “include space for a solar water heater system and water tanks to provide water by gravity flow.”

He said he has already presented his idea to Northern Marianas Housing Corp. director Jess Palacios.

Cabrera said the government should help build concrete homes for the victims of Typhoon Yutu

He said since  he has been using solar power for his own concrete house for the past 20 years, “I don’t need a generator even if there’s islandwide power outage because of a typhoon.”

He said solar power is “providing me free power and water, and saving me a lot of money.”

He added, “People just need to have this kind of technology, this solar power system — it doesn’t have to be full-blown, just the basic 420-watt photocell panel and they can already live comfortably.”

For more information call Herman Cabrera at 287-1778 or email [email protected]

Source: Marianas Variety :

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