Japanese residents on Saipan distribute sponge cake

A GROUP of long-time Japanese residents on Saipan provided relief to typhoon victims during a fun event in the parking lot of the Koblerville soccer field.

Marianas Visitors Authority Managing Director Chris Concepcion said it was a “private effort” by Japanese individuals on island.

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The event was announced on Facebook and a huge crowd showed up, he added.

The Japanese group prepared 4,000 pieces of castella, a popular Japanese sponge cake, and distributed them to about 700 people.

Among those who participated and supported the event were Keiji Takeda of Marianas Trekking; Maiko Takahashi of Make Sure Saipan Dive Shop; Naoki Oura of The Old Bank; Yoshihiro Igawa, a repeat visitor of Saipan, Tinian and the CNMI; Suguru Takahashi of Make Sure Saipan Dive Shop; Shunsuke Katagiri of Okadaya; Mariko Iwami of Zen Corporation Marine Sports Company; Kana Wakasugi of Aqua Gate Saipan Dive Shop; Mayumi Suzuki of Okadaya; Ayumi Oura of The Old Bank, and Tadaaki Wakasugi of Aqua Gate Saipan Dive Shop.

Concepcion said MVA expressed its gratitude to the Japanese community for the “fun and generous gift” to the people of the CNMI. 

“They brought laughter and delicious treats to our people at this time of need,” he added.

Concepcion said the Japanese, who have lived in the CNMI for 10 to 30 years, call the islands home. 

“They have built businesses and had families here.  They did this out of their own pockets all for our people. They extend their support to the people of the CNMI at this time,” Concepcion.

He said he is particularly grateful to Yoshihiro Igawa, a frequent visitor to the islands.

He said Igawa was here to participate in the Japanese Autumn Festival which was cancelled due to Typhoon Yutu. But Igawa decided to stay to volunteer his time and support typhoon relief efforts.

“This was very kind of him and shows the longtime partnership the CNMI has had with Japan for many years,” Concepcion said. “We ask the people of the CNMI to extend their thanks to these fine individuals when they see them at their businesses or on the streets.  Together we will get through this.”

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