‘I did shoot my wife,’ says Norbert Camacho

ASKED by Superior Court Associate Judge Wesley Bogdan to state in his own words what he did, Norbert Blas Camacho said: “I did shoot my wife.”

Camacho, 58, on Thursday morning pled guilty to attempted second degree murder.

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“I’m sorry for the pain that I have caused my wife and family,” he told the court. “I hope she forgives me for what happened. I wish she was here.”

After reading the defendant’s constitutional rights, Judge Bogdan accepted Camacho’s plea and sentenced him to 15 years imprisonment, all but 10 years suspended without the possibility of parole, work release, early release or furlough.

Camacho’s 10-year sentence starts on Dec. 17, 2017 when he was arrested.

Upon his release from the Department of Corrections, Camacho will be placed on a five-  year probation.

In addition, he will have no contact with his wife, and “he shall not harass, threaten or assault her.”

Camacho was also ordered not to possess, carry, or use unlawfully a firearm, ammunition, dangerous devices or airsoft guns.

At the change of plea hearing, Camacho was represented by Assistant Public Defender Heather Zona while Assistant Attorney General Teri Tenorio represented the CNMI government.

After shooting his wife in Kagman in Dec. 2017, Camacho told police that “he was fed up with her messing up his mind.” He said he was tired of her threatening to call police on him.

 According to the factual basis for plea, Camacho did load, aim and discharge a firearm four times at his wife.

His wife was brought to the Commonwealth Health Center for treatment and was reported to be in stable condition.

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