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THE House of Representatives has adopted a resolution to commend a young educator for his “astounding academic achievements and his unwavering commitment to serve the people of the Commonwealth.�

House Resolution 20-42, introduced by Rep. Angel Demapan, honors Bobby Cruz, Ed.D. for giving back to the community and for being a role model to the youth.

According to the House resolution, Cruz’s “commitment to serve his home islands is not limited to his passion for education and sports, but extends to volunteering for various beautification projects, supporting the local Salvation Army, mentoring students in their future endeavors, facilitating free professional development, coordinating numerous fundraising activities for charitable causes, such as the Marianas March Against Cancer, formally serving as co-chair for the Saipan Young Professionals and currently serves as a member of the inaugural class of the Pacific Century Fellows, of the board of directors for the Marianas Young Professionals and other professional and non-profit organizations.�

The resolution added that due to Cruz’s “outstanding services, the quality of life within the CNMI has been greatly enriched.�

Cruz has “devoted a decade of career serving the Public School System as a classroom teacher, curriculum manager, school administrator and is currently the director of Institutional Technology and Distance Education.�

He obtained his bachelor’s degree in English literature from the University of Guam in 2009, a master’s degree in international education from Framingham State University in 2012, and a doctorate in administrative leadership for teaching and learning from Walden University in 2018.

Cruz is also “a talented athlete — he has proudly served the CNMI as a member of the CNMI National Tennis Team and the CNMI Va’a  or Outrigger Canoe Team.â€�

Cruz, the resolution stated, “is an exemplary role model for the youth in our beloved community. His life’s work entails creating a mindset in the CNMI that if children learn to be persistent and believe in their ability to improve and grow, the possibilities of success become attainable.�

Cruz believes that “education is the sword against poverty, the mechanism for significant long-term progress and the root of innovation and positive social change.�

Cruz thanked the House for the honor and dedicated the resolution to his family, most especially to his mother who, he said, has sacrificed so much for him and his siblings.

Cruz said he will continue to inspire the youth and to motivate them to achieve their goals.

“I hope I can give justice to this resolution and I thank you all House members. I look up to you all on how you do your job — you are all amazing,� he added.

Cruz is the son of Arthur Cruz and Patricia Rabago Aguon Cruz.

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