Hocog eyes Senate presidency

LIEUTENANT Gov. and Sen.-elect Victor B. Hocog is interested in the Senate presidency, but he said he has to sit down first with other members.

“I have to consider also the other members. What if the elected senators from Tinian and Saipan are also interested in the position? So we need to discuss the issue among ourselves and decide who will be the next president of the Senate,” Hocog said.

Under a “gentlemen’s agreement,” the Senate presidency is “rotated” among the three main islands.

The current Senate president, Lt. Gov.-elect Arnold I. Palacios, is from Saipan. He succeeded Sen. Frank Borja of Tinian. This means that the next Senate president should be a member from Rota.

However, Hocog said, “it doesn’t always go that way, and there are three of us senators from Rota so it’s not only me. That’s why we need to sit down and discuss it first. I intend to sit down with current and incoming members, but everybody is still occupied with other matters so maybe we will meet early next month to discuss the presidency.”

The other two other senators from Rota are Terry Santos and Paul Manglona. Both, like Sen.-elect Vinnie Sablan of Saipan, are independents.

The incoming Senate will be composed of six Republicans and three Independents.

Hocog was the Senate president of the 19th Legislature when he became lt. governor after Lt. Gov. Ralph D.L.G. Torres succeeded the late Gov. Eloy S. Inos in Dec. 2015.

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