Governor, first lady to spend holidays in Boise

GOVERNOR Ralph DLG Torres and first lady Diann T. Torres will spend their holidays with his mother in Boise, Idaho.

Press Secretary Kevin Bautista said this is the governor’s first real time off since the start of the typhoon recovery efforts. The governor was off-island for more than three weeks on official business and returned to Saipan on Sunday in time for the NMI Republican Party’s appreciation party on Sunday.

Bautista said the governor and his wife are scheduled to return in early January. “Recovery efforts continue to take place…. The community has really come together these last few months, and we are cognizant that there’s a lot more work to be done. The holidays are a special time of the year for being with our family and friends, for spreading charity and goodwill throughout our villages, and for giving thanks for those around us. This year was an emotional one for all of us, so it’s really important that we all take some time off to be with the ones we love and share in the blessings that we have as we move forward on our road to recovery. We want to thank the community for their patience, support, and resilience.”

Source: Marianas Variety :

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