FEMA’s debris-clearing task ends Jan. 15

REMOVING typhoon debris from villages will be a challenge for the Saipan mayor’s office once the  Federal Emergency Management Agency’s removal program ends on Jan. 15.

Mayor David M. Apatang said his office will continue removing typhoon debris, but in a very limited capacity based on available manpower and equipment.

With FEMA program, private contractors and other government agencies were tapped for the recovery efforts.

“So I am again encouraging those in the villages to bring out their typhoon debris only, for pick-up,� he said. “They have to dispose their own household garbage.�

He said his office is still getting assistance from volunteers from the Department of Corrections and the Workforce Investment Agency.

“The cleanup drive and island beautification remain our priorities.�

Apatang said his office will also continue working with the Rotary Club of Saipan, which plans to build an accessible playground at Sugar King Park for children with disabilities.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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