FEMA: Use financial aid for intended purpose

INDIVIDUAL financial assistance disbursed to households claiming property damage should be used for its intended purpose, according to Victor Inge, Federal Emergency Management Agency external affairs officer.

“If you get money to repair your home, use that money to repair your home,” he said. “Temptation can be great especially when it comes in a lump sum. We know that people don’t have excessive cash in reserve, and that is a fact of life, but FEMA funds are key to preventing damage from happening again.”

The Individual and Household Program Assistance, Inge said, is not a substitute for insurance and cannot compensate for all losses caused by a disaster. “It is intended to meet basic needs and supplement disaster recovery efforts.”

He added, “Use the money the right way. Auditing does happen, and if the auditors realize that you didn’t use the money to mitigate your damage…then you may have to return the money.”

As of Tuesday, Dec. 18,  FEMA had disbursed over $7.2 million in individual assistance to Typhoon Yutu survivors on Saipan and Tinian.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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