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Federated States of Micronesia

The Federated States of Micronesia are made up of scattered islands and located in the West of the Pacific Ocean. It has four island groups comprised of Yap, Pophpei, Kosrae and Chuuk commonly known as the Caroline Islands. An independent island formerly part of Micronesia Palau, is now not considered part of Caroline Islands. Islands of volcanic origin amount to nearly 600 which can be found on Caroline Islands. There are several inactive peaks that are known to reach nearly 2,500 ft.

The islands gained their independence in the year 1991. Previously, they were placed under the UN Trust Territory and in the control of the United States of America. The local economy in Micronesia remains the same with residents continuing with livelihoods such as fishing and farming. However, there’s a sec that concentrates on fruit exports and additional cash revenue is generated by financial aid given by America.

There’s significant potential in the tourism industry in Micronesia with a number of hotels opening up recently and bringing in tourists from around the world. There’s growing exotic diving activities which are a main attraction for surfers and divers worldwide.

The climate in Micronesia consists of warm temperatures throughout the year. Rainfall is generous and the air is humid with Pohnpei considered one of the wettest islands in the world.


There’s jungle hillside, lush vegetation and flowing hibiscus making Pohnpei a stunning south sea island with copious rainfall feeds, tumbling waterfalls and multitude of rivers and streams. Kolinia is the capital of Pohnpei and is a sizable unspoilt island made up of small villages.


Yap is a wondrous place that will leave visitors with a lasting impression. It is the most traditional island of the Federated States where there’s a village chief, a caste system and local public officials. Boys and men are known to wear loincloths and women wear hibiscus skirts. Everyone from the official customs officer to the lowliest man will chew beetle. The houses on Yap are constructed in traditional style thatch, wood, rope and bamboo.


This is an unspolit and undeveloped island which is rich in natural beauty and stunning scenery. The island is fondly called the Sleeping Lady and is draped in tropical greenery, mangrove swamps, unchartered rainforests, pristine fringing reefs and white sandy beaches. Coconuts and bananas are in abundance along with popular tropical fruits including limes, oranges and tangerines.


Chuuk Island is the most colorful and lively of the Federated States of Micronesia. It has a rough edge to it and is considered a devoted attraction to divers worldwide. Visitors can see brightly coloured houses and women sitting bare breasted bathing children and doing their laundry. There’s an underwater museum where the sunken war wrecks reside which include a Japanese fleet resting on the lagoon floor. History’s largest naval loss is represented by this sunken fleet.       

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