Federal shutdown takes its toll on FEMA hiring

THE Federal Emergency Management Agency has suspended the hiring process for the CNMI’s post-disaster recovery efforts due to partial U.S. government shutdown.

Victor Inge, FEMA external affairs officer, said they cannot process the applications of almost 1,000 job applicants until the shutdown ends.

Victor Inge

In Nov. 2018, FEMA held a job fair at the Hyatt Regence Saipan where 885 people submitted their applications.

In December, FEMA hired seven local residents for mitigation, HR and finance, IT and individual assistance.

Inge said FEMA wants to hire eight more people, but “we can’t bring them onboard due to the government shutdown.”

He said FEMA plans to hire 44 to 50 people.

But Inge said FEMA continues its recovery efforts in the CNMI, and is still assisting local authorities in  clearing debris, the construction of temporary classrooms and power restoration.

FEMA is looking for locals and other U.S. citizens to fill up  the following positions: services program specialist, voluntary agency liaison crew leader, information and planning manager, logistic specialists, resource support specialist, administrative assistant, engineer, architect, grant writer specialist, community planner, human resource specialist, travel specialist, acquisitions procurement specialist, telecommunications specialist, planning specialist, information technology specialist and disability adviser.

In his latest e-newsletter, U.S. Congressman Gregorio Kilili Camacho Sablan said:

“Though it has been said the shutdown of government agencies, now in its 14th day, will have ‘limited effect’ on the Marianas, the truth is that many of the 56 federal employees in our islands are now laid off or working without pay. One of the first acts of the new House Democratic majority was to pass funding bills for all of the closed agencies, using language that already passed the Senate during the 115th Congress by overwhelming bipartisan majorities. Republicans in the Senate now say, however, they will not vote again on this legislation, restarting government and putting federal employees back to work, unless the President says he will sign it. So far, the President has not agreed.”

On Dec. 23, 2018, Press Secretary Kevin Bautista said the partial federal government shutdown would have “limited effects for the Commonwealth.”

He added that the effects “will grow over time, but the governor and the administration will continue to monitor the situation closely and work with our federal partners on managing essential federal services.”

Source: Marianas Variety :

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