Elections to be postponed for a week

GOVERNOR Ralph D.L.G. Torres will issue an executive order postponing the Nov. 6 general elections for a week, Variety learned.

The NMI Election Law states that, “In the event of a natural disaster or other Act of God, the effect of which precludes holding the election on [election day], the Governor, acting pursuant to his powers under Article III, Section 10 of the Constitution, may proclaim the general election be held not later than [30] days thereafter in the Commonwealth, or in the affected senatorial or election district or districts.”

Election Day will now be held on Nov. 13 while early voting, which was supposed to commence today, Oct. 30, has been moved to Nov. 6.

The postponement will allow the CNMI government ample time to restore power in schools and other areas that were designated to be polling places.

In related news, the governor announced the suspension of all of his scheduled campaign activities so he can focus on the ongoing recovery efforts.

He said “this is not the time to politicize things and politics must be suspended at this point of time and just focus in the recovery efforts for Saipan and Tinian…. This recovery operation is beyond politics.”

He added, “As your governor, I will be devoting all of my time on our relief and recovery efforts. I ask our community to respect each other and help each other out during this difficult time. The more we do that, the faster we can recover. Inafa’maolek. Un Familia. Un Guinaiya. Tipiyeew.”

Source: Marianas Variety :

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