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Dive with the amazing creatures of the sea in Yap! Manta Ray Bay Resort Micronesia

Yap is a part of the Federated States of Micronesia and is amongst this nation of islands that consists of three more states; Kosrae, Pohnpei and Chuuk. Located north of the equator in the western Pacific Ocean, Yap belongs to the southern part of Philippines and Eastern part of Indonesia.

Yap is a lush tropical island which is comprised of scenic beauty, with clear waters and amazing greenery. Apart from being popular for its Manta Rays, this island has a lot of cultural values. It’s known as the Land of Stone Money; where large discs of stone (some over 12 feet) are used for transactions.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 8.54.31 AMYapese treasure their tradition and cultural values; even though the island is fairly developed and majority speaks English, they prefer to preserve what has been taught by their ancestors and believe in passing it on to their younger generation. Yap dances tell stories of their history and their ancestors of the island; their children learn about their cultural heritage through these dances.

The Manta Ray Bay embraces these cultures and dances, while ensuring that a tourist captures every moment by arranging tours to these villages to see these dancers perform, as it takes place every week. The complete tour includes witnessing the typical village life, land tours where the banks of the stone money are placed, and the houses constructed in a traditional style.  

The beaches of Yap are just a few, placed in different islands where a traveller could bask in the sun with their loved ones in complete privacy. The sand is soft and the waters are crystal clear. The resort organizes a picnic basket for their guest, and a boat ride to one of these islands. By the end of the day they will have you picked up; they are most certain that leaving this paradise would be challenging for most tourists.

The weather in Yap is sunny and happy; perfect island life!

The rooms in the resort are artistically decorated with tropical elegance. Every room has its own “fish name” and decorated to the theme with paintings and pictures. The doors and the key chains are hand carved and the bed spreads are home made.

Every room has the following facilities;

  • Air Conditioning and Ceiling fan
  • In-room refrigerator
  • IDD Telephone
  • Colour TV and DVD Player
  • Hot and Cold water
  • Built-in Hair Dryer
  • Built-in Electronic Safe
  • Internet Access
  • Complementary Coffee and Tea Service

Manta Ray Bay Resort-micronesia-01And the room categories are as follows;

  • Standard Rooms

A room designed in a tropical style with either one or two queen-sized beds. These rooms are on the opposite side of the resort with the view of the hills.

  • Ocean View Rooms

With an amazing view of the lagoon, these colourfully decorated rooms have one or two queen-sized beds and some have water beds!

  • Deluxe Ocean View Rooms and Suites

These rooms are the finest of them all with an amazing view of the ocean, king-sized beds, private patios, and beautiful interior. Some of the rooms have private plunge pools, stone showers and even a private rooftop Jacuzzi.

The activities apart from the island tours and the beach tours that Manta Ray Bay Resort could organize are:

  • Snorkelling
  • Fishing
  • Kayaking

Diving being one of the main activities, the resort is able to offer courses and provide safety, comfort and all services related to diving. While they are experts in navigating the tourists to the diving sites, the diving consists of Manta Diving, Shark Diving and Critter Diving and they encourage children to dive as well!

This resort certainly is a must visit.

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