CUC: Tinian power will be restored before Christmas; 90 more days of no power for rest of Saipan

TINIAN will have power before Christmas but some areas on Saipan will continue to have no power up to 90 days, Commonwealth Utilities Corp. Executive Director Gary Camacho said on Wednesday.

“As long as materials are provided, we should be able to finish right on Christmas,” Camacho told the CUC board, referring to Tinian.

CUC, he added, has contracted Primary Source Electric or PSE for the power restoration program on Tinian.

He said 20 linemen from PSE arrived on Tinian on Nov. 18 to begin the restoration effort, one week after CUC’s power plant managed by Telesource was powered up.

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He said the Tinian Health Center was energized at 12:38 p.m. on Nov. 25 while the Department of Public Safety and Tinian Fuel Services were energized the day after.

Camacho added that water services on Tinian are 100 percent restored.

On Saipan, he said the power restoration effort is now heading to the southern part of the island which suffered the brunt of Typhoon Yutu.

Camacho said critical facilities including the Commonwealth Healthcare Center, the seaport and the Francisco C. Ada/Saipan International Airport have already been energized.

He added that Feeder 1 is 95 percent energized; Feeder 2, 70 percent; Feeder 3, 100 percent; Feeder 4, 50 percent; Feeder 7, 95 percent; Kiya 1, 40 percent; Kiya 2, 40 percent; Kiya 3, Taro Sue to McDonalds, has been energized, but Kiya 4 has not been energized.

As for water supply, Saipan’s water production has reached 80 percent, Camacho said.

Of the 131 water wells, 106 are now in operation with 11,845,440 gallons per day in total capacity, he added.

In an interview, Camacho said a $7.3 million grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency was used to buy generators for water wells throughout the island. The grant was for the water-well power restoration program and was provided to CUC after Typhoon Soudelor hit Saipan in Aug. 2015.

“The program was never expected to be completed this year,” Camacho said. “The target is sometime by the end of 2019 or in following year.”

In the ongoing restoration program, Camacho said the mobilization of equipment and materials has been a great challenge.

Due to a huge fire in California, a storm in North Carolina and other calamities in the states, many utilities companies are struggling to get power poles and hardware, he added.

But CUC was able to secure needed materials for Saipan and Tinian, he said.

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