CUC starts installing FEMA generators at well sites

COMMONWEALTH Utilities Corp. Executive Director Gary Camacho said on Thursday that they have begun installing generators at well sites.

They have already installed  300KW and 800GPM generators from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to activate the chlorination process at the Puerto Rico pump, he added.

He said the engineering division is working with operations and FEMA to install generators at OB-6 (3 wells), OB-12 (3 wells),  OB-9 (3 wells: KG-4, KG-131 and KG-3), Kagman, Maui, SQ-150, SQ-149, SQ-4, Puerto Rico and Rapugao, DD-8, Direct Dandan Feed,  IF-105, Dandan,  KV-21, KV-22, KV-23, Maui IV Shaft  and Puerto Rico.

While emergency generators make their way to the CNMI and crews perform repairs, five out of six water filling stations are available to the public, Camacho said.

He said due to the closure of the As Matuis station, four water filling stations will increase volume for the public from 50 gallons to 100 gallons, except for Koblevrille which will remain at 50 gallons daily.

The As Matuis water station was closed due to low water level.

Camacho said water is non-potable and should only be used for cleaning and bathing. All water must be treated with bleach before use with 16 drops or one-eighth teaspoon for every gallon of water.

Donni Springs has unlimited untreated water and was activated as an emergency government filling station, he said, adding that the Department of Fire and Emergency Medical Services assisted by transporting water to Power Plant I and to the CUC Operations Command Center.

Camacho said heavy equipment and vehicles arrived on the international cargo carrier Antenov through collaboration with Guam Power Authority to assist in restoring power poles and fittings.

He said  an additional 26 GPA line crewmembers, engineers and other trade staff were expected to arrive on Thursday afternoon.

The power pole and debris clearing operation continues, he said. They have installed a total of 27 wooden power poles from Kiya sub-station to As Terlaje.

CUC crew also cleared power poles and power lines from Beach Road to Joeten Susupe to Ada Gym.

They likewise cleared power poles at the Commonwealth Ports Authority and the Dandan Head Start.

Moreover, a CUC crew repaired the streetlights for the U.S. Air Force’s reverse-osmosis drinking water distribution at Garapan Fishing Base, Camacho said.

To provide access to water trucks and trash trucks in the Kiya 2 area, Camacho said, the crew had cleared downed power poles that were blocking the typhoon shelter at San Vicente Elementary School and Dandan Head Start.

As of Thursday, Camacho said of the nine feeders on Saipan, only Feeder 1 was online.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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