CUC incurs $17.3M in estimated damage, says official

THE damage caused by Typhoon Yutu to the Commonwealth Utilities Corp.’s power transmission and distribution system on Tinian and Saipan is estimated to cost $17.3 million, CUC Executive Director Gary Camacho told the board on Wednesday.

Based on a preliminary assessment and estimated cost of damage as of Nov. 24, there were 1,348 damaged power poles, 767 damaged transformers, and 783,440 linear feet of damaged conductor on Saipan for a total cost of $11,841,293.47.

On Tinian, Camacho said there were 810 damaged power poles, 136 damaged transformers, and 507,015 linear feet of damaged conductors for a total cost of $5,540,939.64. Gary Camacho

As of Nov. 23, there were also 366 damaged streetlights on Tinian, he added.

Camacho said the damage cost estimate is expected to increase as CUC continues its assessment.

The undamaged materials and hardware on Saipan included 11,297 poles or 89 percent of the total number of poles; 3,320 units of transformers or 82 percent of the total; and 4,001,681 linear feet of conductors.

On Tinian, 1,088 poles, 469 units of transformers and 1,107,205 feet of conductors were not damaged.

Camacho said the preliminary repair costs for the water and wastewater facilities on Saipan are $212,825 and $413,250.

As of Nov. 28, he said Feeder 2 in Tinian was partially online and this covered the health center, fuel service, the Department of Public Safety, Bank of Guam and Lucky Qiang Market.

CUC  erected 81 power poles from Nov. 18 to 27, consisting of one wooden and 80 concrete power poles, Camacho said.

He added that power pole installation continues in the Marpo Valley area toward the Maui II pump station.

But CUC’s contractor, Primary Source Electric, has yet to energize the Tinian mayor’s office and the fire department due to damaged weather heads, Camacho said, adding that the island’s Feeders 3 and 4  also remain offline.

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