CUC continues to retrieve meters with safety concerns

AS of Friday, the Commonwealth Utilities Corp. had retrieved 2,240 power meters with safety concerns from damaged locations, including household and facilities, CUC Executive Director Gary Camacho said.

Gary Camacho

He said CUC inspectors and meter readers continued to pull meters from damaged sites in Afetnas, Dandan and As Perdido.

On Saipan, CUC’s latest count indicated that 1,265 power poles, 696 transformers and 763,140 linear feet of conductors had been damaged.

Camacho said the Environmental Protection Agency “continues to assist power personnel collect and record damaged transformers and will coordinate shipping of the damaged transformers for disposal.”

He said at least 205 transformers have been collected.

On Nov. 2, Camacho said four linemen from Rota joined the restoration efforts on Saipan. The following day, CUC received assistance from Kosrae, Pohnpei, and Chuuk Utilities. CUC was also coordinating with Palau for additional linemen assistance.

Camacho said as the Federal Emergency Management Agency generators and CUC power grid system continue to supply energy to the water wells, CUC’s water division will energize the water distribution system throughout the island in order to scout for leaks and test the different tank service area sections for the water scheduled hours.

He said tank service areas are operating in a limited capacity based on tanks levels as assessment and pole repairs continue.

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