CPA board OKs governor’s directives

THE Commonwealth Ports Authority board on Tuesday unanimously adopted a resolution approving the governor’s directives and memoranda affecting personnel matters, and making them applicable to CPA employees.

Kimberly King Hinds

The resolution stated that “in implementing future directives and other memoranda issued by the governor, the executive director of CPA may interpret and modify substantive provisions of such directives to tailor the documents to CPA, and the board approves and adopts such interpretation and modification without further action.”

The governor recently issued a directive stating that all government employees involved in the typhoon recovery effort will be paid a rate of 2.5 in overtime compensation instead of the standard 1.5 rate.

CPA chair Kimberlyn King-Hinds said “this is just to make sure that the people who came out and left their families to help clean up and support the recovery period will also get the same additional compensation.”

She said the board “made the governor’s directives applicable to CPA employees because…our current regulation sets the OT compensation rate at 1.5.”

Source: Marianas Variety :

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