CHCC opens satellite clinic, sends medical teams to school shelters

TO reduce the influx of patients at the hospital, the Commonwealth Healthcare Corp. has opened a satellite clinic at Systems of Care in San Antonio.

CHCC also deployed two medical teams to assess the medical needs of people in the typhoon shelters at Marianas High School and Koblerville Elementary School.

CHCC special assistant for policy Kaitlyn Neises said they are hoping the opening of the satellite clinic will ease the pressure on the hospital’s emergency room which has been accepting a large number of patients since Typhoon Yutu devastated Saipan on Thursday.

Dr. Chris Crabtree, commander of the Hawaii Disaster Medical Assistance Team or DMAT, said they have seen patients who sustained debris cuts and wounds, and other typhoon-related injuries.

About 30 health professionals from Hawaii, Oregon and California have been assigned to the hospital or the satellite clinic,  which will be open from Monday until Saturday, 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Neises said the clinic provides limited pharmacy, services for family planning and first aid. Patients are asked to bring their IDs and any medications they are on. 

“The satellite clinic is only temporary, but we will continue to do it as long as DMAT is here to support us,” Neises said.

Aside from patients with typhoon-related injuries, Neisis said they expect to see individuals with chronic conditions.

CHCC is also offering free counseling to the community.

Community Guidance Center Director Nadine Sablan said the counseling will be held at CHCC’s former wellness clinic at the hospital from Monday to Friday, whole day, and half day on Saturday and Sunday.

 “Similar to Typhoon Soudelor, we have all been devastated by the storm and a lot of our people are suffering,” she said. “We offer this service to help alleviate and cope with their stress.”

Sablan said program crisis counselors available to help. Call 234-8950 for more information.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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