Burglary and theft suspect released to his mother

DESPITE the government’s objection, the Superior Court on Wednesday released a burglary and theft suspect to his mother as third-party custodian.

Superior Court Associate Judge Kenneth L. Govendo released Amado Kereman, 18, after a bail modification hearing on Wednesday afternoon at the Marianas Business Plaza.

Burglary and theft suspect Amado Keremen is escorted by a Corrections officer and a CNMI Marshal to a bail modification hearing before Judge Kenneth Govendo on Wednesday afternoon. Photo by Bryan Manabat

Kereman, who was represented by Assistant Public Defender Heather Zona, is one of the two defendants in a burglary and theft case that took place in Kagman on Nov. 27.

Zona said Kereman was not a flight risk.

Assistant Attorney General Heather Barcinas objected to the bail modification, saying that on the night of the incident, Kereman was belligerent and attempted to run away from the police.  She said Kereman is a danger to the community and a flight risk.

But Zona said there was no showing that her client was a flight risk. She added that the allegation that he ran away was just that — an allegation.

“Trying to run away from the police is not the same thing as not showing up in court,” said Zona.  “Whether a person is belligerent or not has nothing to do with a person being a flight risk.”

After granting the bail modification request, Judge Govendo placed Keremen under house arrest, adding that he can only leave the house with his mother.

The judge also prohibited him from drinking any kind of alcohol.

Keremen is scheduled to appear in court today, Thursday, for his preliminary hearing.

 According to court information, police responded to a burglary in progress on Nov. 27, 2018 at 2:28 a.m. in Kagman III behind the CYC store.

 Police identified the suspects as Kereman, and Demson Sachuo, both 18 years old.

 Kereman refused to give a statement to the police, but Sachuo admitted that it was his idea to break into a house.

 Sachuo told police that he and Kereman took a backpack, a small lamp and D batteries from the house.

 Police charged the two with conspiracy, burglary and theft and criminal mischief.

A $20,000 cash bail was imposed on both defendants.

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