Bill to protect consumers from water overcharges caused by Yutu

SENATOR Sixto K. Igisomar has introduced a bill to require the Commonwealth Utilities Corp. not to overcharge residents and businesses for water leaks caused by Typhoon Yutu.

Senate Bill 20-114 stated that during the recovery efforts and the restoration of power and water, many reports were made relating to the water leaks that delayed the process of restoring 24-hour water services to residences and businesses.

If leaks are not fixed, the bill stated, CUC would charge customers based on the month of September billing and not on the November billing

“My bill is in response to the community’s concerns after Yutu,” Igisomar said. “Yutu destroyed a lot of homes and a lot of pipes were broken and so the purpose of this bill is to instruct CUC not to overcharge the consumers for the water usage especially those with water leaks as they can be facing thousands of dollars in their billing. This bill will ask CUC to at least go back to the month of September for the charging rates.”

Igisomar said he will also ask CUC to comment on his bill.

“I will send them a copy so they can comment and we can expedite the process. We want to see what language to put, of course, depending on (CUC’s) feedback,” Igisomar said.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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