Bill to allow poker arcades to ‘merge’

THE Saipan and Northern Islands Legislative Delegation  has passed a bill that would delete a provision in current law that requires a 250-foot distance between poker establishments.

House Local Bill 20-80, introduced by outgoing Rep. Donald Barcinas, proposes to amend the Saipan Zoning Law 2013 codified as 10 CMC Section 3511. The bill now goes to the governor.

The delegation chairman, Rep. John Paul Sablan, said  the bill “will strike out the provision that mandates that a poker arcade must be 250 feet away from another poker arcade. If this bill is signed into law, poker arcades can combine or merge, and that is the intent of the Zoning Board: to gather all poker arcades in one area or location.”

Sablan said the bill is supported by the Saipan Zoning Office.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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