Ayuda Foundation needs help in distribution of relief goods

AYUDA Foundation Guam has helped more than 2,000 homes in the CNMI by sending four cargo containers of canned goods and various relief supplies a few days after Typhoon Yutu hit Saipan and Tinian.

According to Ed Arriola Jr. of Let’s Go Tour company and the foundation’s contact person on Saipan, Ayuda consigned to him the containers which arrived between Nov. 15 and Dec. 19.

He said Ayuda needs help from community groups or individual volunteers who have the time and vehicles that can be used for distributing relief goods.

 “After the typhoon, there were no flights coming in so it gave us an opportunity to distribute relief goods for five weeks,” Arriola said.

When the flights resumed, Arriola said all his staff had to go back to work, leaving him and a few other individuals to oversee the distribution of relief goods. “I am now reaching out to community organizations and individuals that can help us distribute these items in the most responsible way,” he said in an interview.

 He has already tapped the assistance of Community Outreach Recovery Efforts or CORE.

“Based on what I have researched about them and what I have heard from the community, I think CORE will be a good partner with Ayuda Foundation because of their warehouse facility and logistics and human resources,” Arriola said.

He said other organizations, such as the Saipan Young Professionals the and Pacific Century Fellows-Marianas Chapter, also helped in the inventory, repacking the supplies and distributing them to people.

He said they have been visiting homes to distribute the relief goods. “In that way, we can better identify who really need help.”

From the three containers of donations, Arriola said they were able to pack 1,073 boxes, 420 buckets, 487 plastic bags and 250 medium boxes filled with assorted relief supplies.

These donations were distributed mainly in Chalan Kanoa, Susupe, San Antonio,  Koblerville, Oleai and parts of Kagman.

The Ayuda Foundation also sent equipment and medical supplies to the Commonwealth Healthcare Corp., Arriola said, adding that they also delivered relief items to the Independent Center for Living, which currently serves 45 people with disabilities; the TSL Shelter which Tan Holdings opened for employees who have lost their homes; and the Kagman Emergency Shelter Facility which received 80 percent of donated clothes and Marianas Strong buckets.

The last container from Ayuda, which arrived on Dec. 19, contained bottled water, canned goods, mosquito nets, batteries and canned goods.

“I would love to see everybody coming in and getting what they need but our warehouse can’t handle the flow of traffic,” Arriola said.

For more information, email Ed Arriola at [email protected].

Source: Marianas Variety :

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