At least 9 of 13 GOP House members back BJ Attao for speakership

AS of Tuesday morning, Rep. Blas Jonathan “BJ” Attao, who wants to be the next House speaker, had secured the support of nine of the 13 incoming Republican members.

Besides Attao and the four other incoming Republican members of Precinct 3, he is also supported by Precinct 1’s Vice Speaker Janet Maratita, Rep. Leepan Guerrero and Rep.-elect LJ Castro, and Precinct 5’s Rep. Larry Deleon Guerrero.

Maratita and Leepan Guerrero were also interested in the speakership, but they have decided to support Attao instead. Blas Jonathan “BJ” Attao

Rep. John Paul Sablan of Precinct 2, who is also a candidate for the speakership, declined to comment.

Variety learned that the incoming Republican House members will meet again this Friday to select the next speaker.

They have agreed that the 13 Republicans will chose the speaker, and no one among them will  seek support from the seven incoming Independent House members.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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