American Red Cross-NMI official visits typhoon-damaged home

AMERICAN Red Cross-NMI chapter executive director John Hirsh on Friday visited Jessica Ortizo’s house which was destroyed by Typhoon Yutu.

Ortizo earlier told Variety that the Red Cross had turned down her request for cash assistance because her house could not be seen on Google Map.

She said after Variety’s story appeared online, someone from the American Red Cross called and told her they would visit her house in Chalan Piao.

“On Friday morning, Mr. Hirsh called me and told me that he was coming to my place,” she said. Hirsh arrived at around 11 a.m.

She said Hirsh apologized for the delay in assistance she requested. “He said I will receive a call from the organization anytime next week.”

Ortizo was thankful to Hirsh for personally visiting and inspecting her destroyed house on As Perdido Road. “I hope they would finally approve my request for assistance,” she said.  

According to Ortizo’s landlord, Tony Cabrera, she and her family need all the help they can get. “I know this family. They are good, honest and hardworking people. I feel sorry for Jessica and her family. They have no money to rebuild their place.”

Cabrera added, “They are trying to make their lives better by sending their children to school. Their son is now in college [in the U.S.] and most of their money and savings went to his education.”

Source: Marianas Variety :

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