After responding to a home fire, Red Cross urges public to take safety steps

(Press Release) —  American Red Cross volunteers responded to a home fire on Pupulu Drive in Garapan Thursday just before noon.

Fortunately for the homeowners, they had recently installed new smoke alarms and were able to get out of the house just in time as they were alerted by the sound of the alarm.  The Red Cross provided clients with  emergency assistance for  food,  clothing,  and  shelter.    A  family of  five  individuals  lost  all  their belongings because of the fire.

“We’re deeply saddened for the family impacted by the fire, particularly as it happened just weeks after Super Typhoon Yutu devastated our islands, and most especially with the holidays just around the corner,” said J.D. Tenorio the disaster program manager for the NMI chapter of the American Red Cross.

For more information on how to avail of free smoke alarm installations in your home, contact the NMI chapter of the American Red Cross at 234-3459.

What people can do

People can visit to find out more about how to protect themselves and their loved homes from fire. They can become a Red Cross volunteer by contacting the local chapter office at 234-3459 or by visiting our website at They can also help by donating to Red Cross Disaster Relief by visiting Donations to Disaster Relief will be used to prepare for, respond to and help people recover from disasters big and small. The Red Cross responds to nearly 64,000 other disasters every year and most of these are home fires.

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