3 business establishments burglarized

AT least three business establishments were burglarized over the weekend, Variety learned.

These are the Triple J car dealership, Salty’s Bar and McDonald’s Middle Road.

An employee of Triple J told Variety that when they reported for work Monday morning, they saw that their front glass door was shattered and every drawer in their office rummaged through.  An undetermined amount of petty cash was taken, he added.

At Salty’s Bar in Garapan, manager Ken Tanzama said the front-door padlock was broken and the burglars took liquor bottles and other items from the restaurant.

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 At McDonald’s Middle Road, Variety learned that burglars on Sunday tried to open the store vault but failed. They entered the restaurant by breaking its glass door.

Department of Public Safety Commissioner Robert Guerrero, in a phone interview, said a burglary task force is now  investigating the break-ins. He added that four burglars were caught in the act Monday night at a Kagman residence. Guerrero declined to provide additional information because it is an ongoing case.

He is asking the community to help DPS apprehend burglars.

“We can’t do it ourselves. We need the community’s help.  If you see something, a suspicious person, a suspicious vehicle, call 911. We also want to prevent burglaries. We want to be proactive.”

Guerrero is also asking residents to secure their houses and businesses.

 In the meantime, he said additional police presence in the communities is being deployed on top of the regular police patrols in the villages.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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